Clean Coffee for Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

100% Chemical Free | Moderate Caffeine | Low Acid | Quick, Easy & Delicious!

developed by a mom and certified lactation counselor

Avidly Coffee Is...

100% Chemical free & Organic

Lower caffeine


Free of mold and mycotoxins

✓ Swiss Water processed

✓ Low acid, smooth & easier on your stomach
✓ Grown without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or insecticides
✓ Fair Trade, our bean farmers are paid a fair wage to support their families
✓ Bursting with flavor! No compromise on taste for a clean, low acid coffee concentrate
✓ The best choice for pregnant and breastfeeding women

If you’re an everyday coffee drinker, you’ll consume more than 20,000 cups of coffee in your lifetime, so drinking the right cup matters. And it matters even more while pregnant and breastfeeding since toxins in your blood stream can pass through your placenta and also concentrate in fat, including the fat in breastmilk.

Exposure to toxins during critical stages of development before and after birth can have long-lasting health consequences for your baby. Drinking Avidly Coffee is an easy change that supports what you're already doing to take great care of yourself and your beautiful baby.

Avidly means “with great enthusiasm” – It’s how we want our babies to nurse, how you deserve to go through your pregnancy, and how you should feel about your daily cup of coffee too (and all things motherhood for that matter). Avidly Coffee is a pure, delicious coffee concentrate that was created for you, mama, so you can drink coffee without concern while pregnant and breastfeeding.


Coffee for a Cause

$1 from every bottle of Avidly Coffee sold is donated to Love, Jessica — a non-profit that supports families of miscarriage and stillbirth, a cause deeply personal to Avidly’s founder. Our goal is to donate $1,000,000 in five years, by the end of 2027.

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  • 💛 Fair Trade 💛

    Fair Trade is non negotiable. By sourcing only Fair Trade beans, we know that our farmers are ensured safe working conditions and paid a real, livable wage to support their families.


    Chemical fertilizers & pesticides seep into the ground and water, and are breathed in by the farmers. Our coffee is grown chemical free for cleaner beans, water, land, and people... including you. We believe environmental awareness isn’t a trend, it’s a requirement.

  • 🇺🇸 U.S. MADE 🇺🇸

    Avidly Coffee Concentrate is brewed in Texas and proudly bottled in USA-manufactured glass bottles.